Man taken into custody after Washington Monument vandalised

One man was taken into custody after an act of vandalism against the Washington Monument, which appeared covered in red paint and a statement attacking the US government.

Pictures of the vandalism on Tuesday night showed a slogan or statement attacking the US government, which was painted with red paint and included profanities, at the base of the structure.

It read: “Have you been f***** by this **** Gov says tough s***.” The splash of paint was also visible.

Issuing an “alert” on Twitter, the United States Park Police (USPP) said it had taken a man into custody following his arrest at the monument, which was closed to the public following the vandalism.

“Area around base of the Washington Monument temporarily closed,” the tweet read. “USPP have adult male in custody for vandalism. NPS conservators will work on restoration process”.

It was not immediately clear if the man taken into custody will face charges. Neither was he identified.

According to NBC News, the monument mostly recently went under rennovation from 2011-2014 following damage sustained by an earthquake. While in 2016-2019 an elevator inside the structure was modernized.

Since 1933, the National Park Service has had jurisdiction over the Washington Monument, which stands at 169m tall above the National Mall and Washington DC.

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