Kopari’s Body Glow Sunscreen That Sold Out 4 Times Got Restocked Here

If you need some more information before you shop, check out these rave reviews from Kopari shoppers.

Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 50

A shopper gushed, “I have never loved a sunscreen like I love this sunscreen. I want to bathe in this glorious stuff. Never have I ever applied a sunscreen so effortlessly, and it smells amazing. And my skin feels so incredibly soft. The only and I mean ONLY downside is that it isn’t reef safe.”

Someone else shared, “I’m happy with this sunscreen. I’ve been looking for a product like this since 2000.”

A Kopari customer raved, “This is my new favorite product for sun care! I typically burn easy, I have rosacea and have to be very careful in the sun (which is why fake tanner is a necessity for me)! I tested out the Kopari sun shield while doing yard work yesterday. I was outside for four hours in the sun! Now usually I would come in as red as a tomato and not be able to move for several days, but thanks to the Kopari Sun Shield, I’ m not burned at all! I love how the product looks on my skin and it leaves me feeling super hydrated! This held up against sweat and a ton of dirt and was not affected by any of it! I’m super impressed!”

A fan of the product said, “This sunscreen actually makes me want to put on sunscreen! It is so moisturizing and smells lovely. I love the pump bottle and how it pushes all the product toward the top of the bottle as you use it. “

“Love this product. Protects my skin when I’m hiking, boating or playing golf. It’s not sticky and goes on naturally smooth,” someone wrote.

A customer reviewed, “This is my favorite sunscreen, it does a great job in preventing burns I’ve used it at the beach and also for daily wear, it absorbs well into the skin it’s not thick or greasy and leaves a great natural glow !”

Someone shared, “This product is not sticky at all. It melted into my skin on an 85 degree, humid day. I wish it was actually a little more sparkly but otherwise it’s truly incredible!”

A shopper declared, “This is my new summer favorite! It’s so moisturizing for my skin, smells heavenly and puts a beautiful glow on my skin as well. A glow… not body glitter which I love! All that and my fair skin is being protected from sun damage too. I use it everyday and have gotten asked what perfume I have on in a good way and get complimented on how on how nice my skin looks in such a dry climate! Way to go Kopari!”

A Kopari shopper said, “This is by far my new favorite spf! It applies like a dream, makes my skin feel soft and smooth, makes it look glowy and gorgeous, it smells absolutely divine, AND it protects against the harsh sun on the beach- yes PLEASE!”

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