Kim Kardashian Debuts Post-Divorce Hair Dye

It looks like Kim Kardashian has done what many of us do in times of big change (or, in my case, any sign of mild discomfort) and dyed her hair.

This breaking news comes as Kim’s divorce was finalized in court this week, after almost two years of legal battles. Oh, how the time has dragged.

So let’s take this precious moment to consider what Kim was working with beforehand. Her hair was blonde. Really, really, white-blonde.

This whole blonde journey started with Kim dyeing her hair in 14 hours for the Met Gala to, errr, mixed results. That’s not even talking about the upkeep to maintain the look — Kim’s roots her alone apparently take eight hours to bleach.

Well, Kim’s roots can breathe a sigh of relief, because she debuted a darker shade of honey blonde at Miami Art Basel week the day after the divorce news hit.

The highlights are chunky! The tone is warm! The change is there!

I’m no hair expert, but it already looks so much healthier.

That being said, from one crispy-haired gal to another — can you imagine if Kim shaved her head? I know nobody suggested this! I’m just saying, it would be a moment!

Perhaps we’ll even get a glimpse without the massive shades some day.

The important news we all needed today!!!

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