Kiely Rodni missing latest: Truckee police have no leads in search for teen vanished from Prosser campground

California officials discuss search for Kiely Rodni

The desperate search for missing teen Kiely Rodni who disappeared after a party at a California campground has entered its fourth day.

Kiely, 16, was last seen around 12.30am on 6 August near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, where she attended an allegedly alcohol-fueled gathering of more than 100 teens and young adults.

An investigation was launched by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office the next morning after Kiely failed to show up for a hike with friends and no one could get in contact with her.

The case is being treated as an abduction because Kiely’s car is also unaccounted for. More than 260 personnel have been assigned to canvass the area on the ground and in the air as they plead for anyone with information to come forward.

Investigators say they don’t have any new leads, but still suspect someone in the community knows more.

“We believe that someone knows,” Nevada County Sheriff’s Office captain Sam Brown said during a press conference on Wednesday. “Someone saw her but they’re not coming forward.”

On Tuesday, investigators released a new photo of Kiely taken by a surveillance camera inside a store roughly six hours before she vanished.

It came after the teen’s friend recounted her last known phone call to The Independent, saying she was too intoxicated to have left the party herself.


As Kiely Rodni investigation continues, Gabby Petito story does too

Before Kiely Rodni disappeared over the weekend in Northern California, another missing person case involving a young woman in a rural area got the nation’s attention.

After a nationwide manhunt, Gabby Petito’s remains were found near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming last September, the victim of a strangling from her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, who later took his own life.

But the sad story of Petito does not end there.

The vlogger’s family recently filed a $50m wrongul wrongful death lawsuit against police in Moab, Utah, accusing them of negligence that led to the 22-year-old’s death.

The lawsuit accuses the police department, three Moab police officers and 10 other unnamed individuals of “negligent failure” during an investigation into an alleged assault by Brian Laundrie of the 22-year-old a few weeks before her death.

Bevan Hurley has the details for The Independent.


Officials establish tip line in Kiely Rodni case

Officials are convinced someone in the rustic mountain community of Truckee, California, knows what happened to missing teenager Kiely Rodni.

“We believe that someone knows,” Nevada County Sheriff’s Office captain Sam Brown said during a press conference on Wednesday. “Someone saw her but they’re not coming forward.”

They’ve established a tip line at for those with any information about the case.


PHOTOS: police share images of hoodie, car belonging to Kiely Rodni

Police don’t have much to go on in the disappearance of Northern California teen Kiely Rodni, but they’re sharing images with the public of what they have so far.

On Wednesday, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office posted two photos, showing a hoodie and Honda SUV thought to belong to the missing teen.


Alcohol was in Kiely’s system before disappearance, friends say

Before Kiely Rodney disappeared, the teen appeared drunk, according to her friend Samantha Smith.

“She was in no state to drive and she wouldn’t have made it far or would have crashed,” Samantha told The Independent on Monday.

She also told ABC that she had shared all drinks with Kiely.

“She was having fun at the party, just being a teenager,” she told the outlet. “Everything she drank, I drank out of.”

Andrea Blanco has the details.


The three main pieces of evidence police have in the disappearance of Kiely Rodni

Police have woefully few leads about what happened to Truckee, California, teenager Kiely Rodni, who went missing in the wee hours of 6 August after leaving a party at an area campground.

Kiely Rodni is seen on surveillance footage roughly six hours before she vanished on 6 August

(Placer County Sheriff)

On Wednesday, officers from the Placer County and Nevada County sheriff’s offices provided an update on the few scraps officials are working from.

They showed a suveillance photo of the 16-year-old captured on the night of 5 August at a local business, where Ms Rodni can be seen wearing a black tank top, green trousers, and black sneakers.

Other key images include one of her current vehicle, a silver Honda CRV SUV, and a dark hoodie with a floral design believed to be in her posession.


Kiely Rodni: Truckee police say ‘someone knows’ what happened to missing teen as cadaver dogs used in search

Northern California police don’t have any new evidence about the mysterious disappearance of teen Kiely Rodni, but they believe “someone knows” what happened to the 16-year-old, even as cadaver dogs have joined the search.

“We believe that someone knows,” Nevada County Sheriff’s Office captain Sam Brown said during a press conference on Wednesday. “Someone saw her but they’re not coming forward.”

Officials said they were dismayed that their hunt for Ms Rodni—which has now roped in multiple police departments, nearly 50 FBI agents, cadaver dogs, helicopters, search-and-rescue divers, and helicopter sweeps—still hasn’t yielded any new information .

“We don’t have any new leads, and that I can tell you is very frustrating for us,”Josh Barnhart of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said during the briefing. More details from our full report here.


The hunt for Kiely Rodni continues with little new evidence

The investigation into the disappearance of Northern California teen Kiely Rodni has made little progress, despite numerous different police and government agencies joining the search in recent days.

Investigators said during a press conference on Wednesday they hadn’t discovered any new clues as to Ms Rodni’s whereabouts.

A surveillance photo from a Truckee, California, business showing her earlier in the night of her disappearance remains the only solid piece of evidence they have.

“It’s hard to look somebody in the face and tell them you don’t have those answers,” Nevada County sheriff’s captain Sam Brown said during the briefing.

He said police have used dirt bikes, search dogs, and ground-based teams to search the roads near Ms Rodni’s home, to little avail.

“We believe that someone knows,” he added of the teen’s fate. “Someone saw her but they’re not coming forward.”


Police say they have no “new leads” in Kiely Rodni case

Police don’t have any new leads in the Kiely Rodni case, Josh Barnhart of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“We don’t have any new leads, and that I can tell you is very frustrating for us,” he said.

That’s even though nearly 50 FBI agents, as well as numerous other law enforcement agents from the state and local level, are working on the case.

Police have used everything from trained dogs to local surveillance video to build a picture of what happened to the missing teen.

Officials are currently addressing the public about the case. Watch live here via the Reno Gazette Journal.


More than $30,000 raised on GoFundMe

Although a $50,000 reward is being offered for leads that help find Kiely, friends of the teenager have also created a GoFundMe page to increase the reward.

More than $30,000 has been raised as of Wednesday afternoon.

“With the consent of Kiely’s parents, I am starting this gofundme to help increase the reward for her return. We hope this will encourage more people to come forward with any information that can help bring this sweet girl home,” the organizer, Amie Quirarte, wrote in the description of the fundraiser.

(Amie Quirarte/GoFundMe)


Family and friends say Kiley is not a runaway

Kieley’s mom told ABC all of her daughter’s belongings remained in her room and that “it was already so out of character” for her to not call.

Kiely’s friend, Samantha, also told The Independent on Monday that she didn’t think Kiely had run away.

“She would have kept her phone and stayed in contact with one of us… She wouldn’t do this to her mom,” Samantha said.

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