Horror video shows construction worker hanging by one hand after crane error

Ontario’s labor ministry has launched an investigation after harrowing footage showed a construction worker dangling in the air from a crane in downtown Toronto.

The video, which has been viewed more than 3 million times on TikTok, was recorded on Wednesday by another worker.

It shows a man holding on to the tag line under a huge block of construction materials while dangling in the air. The crane continued to lower the load while it rained.

The people recording the video appeared to be aghast at the sight and called out to the man to “hang on”.

“Oh my God, how the f*** did this happen?” one person says in disbelief as they scream at the crane operator to stop lowering the load, fearing the worker might get crushed under it.

The man was safely lowered to the ground and did not suffer any serious injuries eventually, PCL Constructors Canada Inc told CBC.

The company confirmed that the “incident took place” at the site on Tuesday after the worker’s hand was “entangled with a tagline after hooking a load”.

He was employed by the company’s contractor Modern Niagara as a rigger to ensure that materials are securely fastened before it is lifted into the air, the company said.

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development said: “It was reported that a worker became entangled with a tag line from a crane after hooking a load, was hoisted off the podium level and sustained injuries.”

According to a report by the ministry, 22 deaths were recorded among construction site workers last year, while 23 deaths were recorded in 2020. The year 2018 saw the most deaths in the past seven years, with 25 fatalities.

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