Fire in London’s Underground Prompts Evacuation as Plumes of Smoke Seen From Across City



The cause of the fire remains unknown as firefighters are working to contain the blaze and stop it from spreading.

A fire broke out between the London Bridge and Waterloo East Underground stations in London on Wednesday morning, prompting the evacuation of passengers of a train after the blaze spread onto the tracks. According to one netizen, claiming to be in the train, the smoke started creeping into the carts and the train was reversed back down to London Bridge.
The London Fire Brigade said they got calls about the incident at around 9:30am local time and sent as many as 70 firefighters to contain the fire that apparently started at a commercial property located under the Underground’s railway arches. They have currently not identified the cause of the blaze. Firefighters asked people working and living near the source of the fire to close their windows due to heavy smoke coming from the scene, and requested that others avoid the area around Southwark.

“The blaze is producing heavy smoke and those living or working in the local area are advised to keep their windows and doors closed. Trains to and from London Bridge are affected and several buildings have been evacuated,” London Fire Brigade Station Commander Wayne Johnson stated .

The smoke rising from between the two stations could be spotted from across London, with residents sharing videos of it online.


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