Fate: The Winx Saga’s Paulina Chávez on Flora’s Importance

Fate: The Winx Saga still has plenty of magic up its sleeve.

On season two of the Netflix teen drama, more magical mischief is afoot—and a very important character is along for the ride.

The second season features the highly-anticipated arrival of Flora, played by Paulina Chavezthe beloved character from Winx Clubthe Nickelodeon animated series on which The Winx Saga is based. That being said, Flora did not appear in season one.

Some fans accused the series of whitewashing after the emergence of a new character named Terra, played by Eliot Saltseemed to replace Latina fairy Flora.

In taking on the role, Chávez knew expectations were high—especially given what Flora’s representation means.

“I felt a lot of support, actually,” Chávez exclusively told E! News about joining the series. “Yes, it was nerve-racking. But a lot of people were excited. I was excited.”

In fact, the online reaction even made it to Chávez, who noted that she doesn’t “read tweets.”

“But my mom found one and someone tweeted, ‘The girl who’s playing Flora is actually Latina, we won,'” she continued. “I remember the first time I saw that I started to cry a little bit because it means something to people, it really does to the Latino community.”

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