Drew Barrymore Playfully Trolls Andrew Garfield’s Abstinence Choice

Drew Barrymore has weighed in on Andrew Garfield‘s abstinence confession.

During Sept. 20 episode of The Drew Barrymore Showhost Drew Barrymore and co-host Ross Mathews poked fun at Andrew Garfield’s choice to remain abstinent for six months in order to prepare for his role as a Jesuit priest in the 2016 film silence. The actor’s admission dela left Barrymore questioning herself, teasing, “What’s wrong with me that six months does not seem like a very long time? I was like, ‘Yeah so?'”

Mathews also chimed in saying, “I get abstaining from sex, I mean I did that my entire 20s, right?”

“We buried the lede there, that’s the headline,” he added. “Drew can go six months, no big deal.”

But that’s not to say Barrymore isn’t on-board with method acting, admitting that she knows plenty of actors who have gotten great results from the technique including Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. Barrymore can also understand why actors need to “transform and fully commit” to a character during filming.

“I definitely did on certain projects, like when I did Gray Gardensthis film I did where I played beloved real-life woman Edie Beale,” she explained. “I was so nervous I didn’t really chit chat with everybody on set, I just really stayed in character.”

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