Donald Trump news today – live: Trump mocks DeSantis during Miami rally

‘Get ready’: Trump says he will ‘very probably’ run again for president in 2024

After Donald Trump told a rally crowd over the weekend that he is likelier than ever to run for president in 2024, multiple outlets are now reporting that his aides are homing in on 14 November as a date to announce a new campaign.

During a rally on Sunday in Miami, Mr Trump sought to appeal to Hispanic voters, and there was cheering from the crowd when he mentioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi whose husband was recently violently attacked in their home.

In the end the decision has apparently been made on the timing of the 2024 announcement, but Mr Trump has been trailing it heavily for more than a year.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s derisive new nickname for Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has angered the governor’s inner circle.

In addition, CNN reports that as a Trump 2024 run looks likely, Justice Department officials have discussed the potential need for a special counsel for the January 6 and Mar-a-Lago documents investigations. A flurry of activity is expected after the midterms.

Meanwhile, a new book reports that King Charles and his sons were furious with Mr Trump over a 2012 tweet about Kate Middleton, with a butler recalling “torrents of profanity” directed at the reality show host who later became president.


Trump foes and democracy experts hit out at alleged plan to announce 2024 run so close to midterms

The announcement would be followed up by several days of events, axios reported.

The former president and his associates have been hinting for quite some time that a 2024 announcement was coming.

Gustaf Kilander has the story.

Oliver O’Connell7 November 2022 04:00


Trump-supporting Florida man convicted of shooting at jet skiers over ‘Ridin’ with Biden’ flag

The man accused of shooting at Joe Biden supporters on Election Day in 2020 has been convicted of attempted murder.

Eduardo Acosta, 39, faces 20 years to life over a violent attack that began when he began accosting two men on a boat for flying a “Ridin’ with Biden” flag, branding them child molestors and making other references to the nonsense “QAnon” conspiracy that has riddled Donald Trump’s support base.

Read more in The Independent:

Oliver O’Connell7 November 2022 02:30


Will Trump’s scandal-plagued Senate endorsements come back to bite the GOP?

As Donald Trump returns to Florida and prepares for a trip to Ohio in support of JD Vance, the question on many experts’ minds is whether Donald Trump’s bid to shape the Senate GOP in his image will cost those same Republicans the majority this year.

Unfaltering loyalty to Mr Trump seems to have prevailed over traditional vetting procedures this time around, and as a result the GOP’s chances of breaking the Democratic Party’s Senate majority have wavered significantly while their opponents hungrily eye potential pickups in Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Read more in The Independent:

Oliver O’Connell7 November 2022 01:30


Jan. 6 panel extends deadline for Trump to produce documents

The House committee investigation January 6 has extended its deadline for Donald Trump to respond to its subpoena for testimony after entering conversations with Mr Trump’s attorneys.

The panel’s lawmakers now say that the ex-president must begin producing records “no later than next week” and sit for a deposition on 14 November.

Read more in The Independent:

John Bowden7 November 2022 00:30


Tom Cotton won’t challenge Trump for 2024 nomination

two news outlets, Political and NBC News reported on Sunday that Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has been phoning allies to let them know that he won’t run for president in 2024.

The far-right senator was considered a top contender for the nomination if Donald Trump does not run, though all signs point towards him doing so.

NBC’s Ali Vitali reported a well-placed GOP source as remarking on the dynamic simply: “There’s no room for anyone [else] with Trump and [Ron] DeSantis.”

John Bowden6 November 2022 23:30


Trump rally ends with ex-president vowing to undo Biden’s agenda

Donald Trump exited the stage in Miami, sweating profusely, shortly before 6 pm local time after a nearly two-hour address in which he raged against Joe Biden’s political agenda and policies while strongly hinting that he will run for president again.

Much of the speech seemed to be a rerun of the material he has displayed at other recent events, including a call for drug dealers and potentially users to face the death penalty.

A brief call for his supporters to vote for the incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis was included at the beginning, likely meant to assuage anger within the party after the president openly mocked the governor the night before.

follow The Independent for more analysis of tonight’s event.

John Bowden6 November 2022 23:01


Crowd cheers as Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi after assault on House speaker’s husband

Never doubt the depths to which Donald Trump will stoop to attacking his political enemies.

On Sunday, the ex-president mockingly asked how Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was doing after her husband was violently attacked with a hammer, suffering a skull fracture.

The grim joke was met with cheers from his fans. Watch the moment below and read more from Eric Garcia:

John Bowden6 November 2022 22:32


Trump hits out at Liz Cheney

Donald Trump hit out at Liz Cheney during his Miami rally, saying “she’s not doing good” after losing her primary race for Wyoming’s at-large congressional seat.

“She made a fool out of herself,” Mr Trump said, adding that she’s “got no future whatsoever”.

David Taintor6 November 2022 21:56


Trump asks: ‘Who happens to be Hispanic?’

Donald Trump drew loud cheers when he asked his Miami rally crowd: “Who happens to be Hispanic?”

Mr Trump told the crowd, “we welcome you to our party and our movement with open, open, open, beautiful arms”.

Hispanic voters in Florida, and in the Miami-Dade area specifically, have helped deliver wins to Republicans in recent election cycles. Mr Trump and the GOP are hoping to build on those gains.

David Taintor6 November 2022 21:45


Donald Trump takes the stage in Miami

Former President Donald Trump took the stage in Miami just after 4pm eastern on Sunday.

Mr Trump urged his supporters in his opening remarks to vote for incumbent Senator Marco Rubio — as well as Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, whom he had derided just a day earlier.

Later in his speech, he derided Mr Rubio’s opponent, Val Demings, as a “crazy person”.

John Bowden6 November 2022 21:38

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