‘Do Revenge’ Photo Diary: Go Behind the Scenes of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes’s Teenage Dream

By Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, as told to Savannah Walsh

If hell is a teenage girl, then count on Netflix’s From Revenge to deliver your latest dose of purgatory. Starring Camila Mendes as fallen It girl Dream and Maya Hawke as outsider Eleanor, the film centers on a vengeance plot deliciously conceived by high schoolers, and pays homage to Y2K-era movies from Clueless to Cruel Intentions along the way.

From Revenge is like a Pinterest board exploded on Netflix,” filmmaker Jennifer Kaytin Robinson previously awned vanity fair. When she wasn’t curating the film’s hyperspecific onscreen aesthetic, Robinson spent her time capturing the behind-the-scenes vibes for posterity. “I love Polaroids, and I’ve always been drawn to that type of photography,” she said during a recent Zoom. “I started this knowing that I wanted to document the making of the film and have my own little time capsule of it. Polaroids just felt like a really fun version of that. Ultimately, I want to make a coffee-table book of all of them.”

Always armed with her Polaroid Now i-Type and Polaroid OneStep+ instant cameras, Robinson often had to sneak in spontaneous pictures either during rehearsal or at the tail end of a take. “It’s funny because I didn’t want to be intrusive to my own process as a filmmaker as this Polaroid photographer, which was my side hustle,” she said with a laugh. “But I tried to find those moments, and then whenever I remembered the camera was out, I tried to set up these tableaux and get these little pictures.”

In celebration of her sophomore directory feature (streaming now on Netflix), Robinson shared her exclusive behind-the-scenes photo diary with VF—and couldn’t resist quoting Clueless in the process.


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