Putin Meets Wounded Russian Soldiers For The First Time

The Russian President can be seen wearing a white lab coat when he meets these soldiers. President Vladimir Putin visited injured Russian soldiers and a video of it was posted on Twitter. In the video Putin can be seen shaking the hands of the soldiers who are in their pajamas. This is Putin’s first known … Read more

‘Heartbroken,’ pained as Texas town mourns school victims

UVALDE (US): Ryan Ramirez fought back tears at a Wednesday vigil as he spoke of his “lovable” 10-year-old daughter Alithia, an aspiring artist who was among the 19 schoolchildren killed in a cold-blooded shooting that has devastated a tight-knit community. As mourners embraced and wept, relatives and friends of those murdered in the latest US … Read more

Biden’s bluster: Strategy, vanity or gamble | Joe Biden

What’s up with Joe? He’s all bluster and bravado nowadays even though, as a good Catholic, he knows that vainglory is the worst of the seven sins! Only months after his humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Biden is raising the stakes against both world nuclear powers, China and Russia, while boasting of America’s unmatched military … Read more

Disney Kids Exec Kitty Walsh Joins Thunderbird’s Atomic Cartoons – Deadline

Disney kids exec Kitty Walsh has joined Thunderbird Entertainment’s Kids Division Atomic Cartoons as Executive Director of Development. Reporting to VPs of Atomic Originals, Aaron Behl and Kristin Cummings, Walsh will spearhead development across the team, seeking IP and growing talent relationships for the division that produces the likes of Netflix’s The Last Kids on … Read more

Senegal: Eleven newborns die in hospital fire

“I just learned, with pain and consternation, the death of 11 newborn babies,” Sall said in a tweet. “I express my profound compassion to their mothers and their families,” he added. In a statement later Thursday, the country’s health ministry said an emergency response plan had been put in place and “arrangements are being made … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel breaks down while calling out Ted Cruz and TX Gov. Greg Abbott for gun legislation

On Wednesday’s Jimmy KimmelLive!, host Jimmy Kimmel broke down while discussing the tragic shooting death of 19 children in Uvalde, Texas. The loss of innocent lives was upsetting to Kimmel, but his focus ele was the response from two of the top politicians in Texas, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott. Both GOP leaders … Read more