California couple share terrifying video of car being struck by stray bullet

A California couple was caught in the crossfire of a freeway shooting in Oakland in an incident captured on their dashcam footage.

The incident had occurred on 14 June but local media outlets obtained footage of the incident from the couple recently.

Garrett Mason and his fiancée were on their way to Pleasanton from Oakland and were driving on the I-580 freeway when a stray bullet entered the front passenger window and exited the back window, missing the couple narrowly.

“They just shot through our f****** window. Are you ok? We need to call the police,” Mr Mason could be heard saying in the video.

“I noticed the vehicle in front, their passenger got outside their window, basically they were sitting in their passenger side window facing backwards, and then literally a second later, you hear about four gunshots, I believe, one of which went through the window of this vehicle,” he later told KRON4.

While the bullet narrowly missed the couple, Mr Mason said he believed he saw the two suspect cars – a black Mercedes and a smaller white car, possibly a Hyundai – moments before the shooting.

“We were approaching the freeway. A vehicle cut us off at a four-way stop, and at that point, as we got onto the on-ramp, I noticed the vehicle behind me was also on my tail. Those two vehicles then broke off and bobbed and weaved through the traffic,” he said.

“Initially, the guy getting shot at, his car might have been hit because in the video, you can see he swerves quite heavily, but that could be him just trying to dodge the car in front of him,” he added.

While the shooting was captured on video, the perpetrator fled the scene and there have not been any updates from law enforcement since, reported CBS News.

Mr Mason said he is working with investigators but is not optimistic that it will be solved, as he did not catch a number plate of either of the vehicles.

The incident is one among a slew of freeway shootings across the Bay Area, which led to governor Gavin Newsom pledging funding for a new camera system across California, including in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

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