Burger King Worker With Perfect Attendance Gets $200K In Donations

Burger King
Burger King (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

A Burger King employee in Las Vegas who hadn’t missed a single day of work in nearly 30 years has received over $200,000 in donations after being snubbed by the fast food giant.

Kevin Ford, 54, went viral on Instagram last week upon revealing a measly goody bag he received from his longtime employer after marking 27 years of perfect attendance, and while he expressed his gratitude for the gift, the internet saw fit to reward him beyond a bag of candy and keychains.

The goody bag for Ford’s stellar service reportedly contained a movie ticket, a bag of Reese’s, two packs of Lifesavers, a Starbucks cup, a lanyard, some keychains and two pens, according to today.

Donations For Burger King Worker Exceed $200K

Ford awning TMZ that prior to COVID-19, employees would typically receive a check for certain work anniversaries, however he told the outlet that “HMS Host, the company from which Burger King hires, felt him what felt like stuff they had lying around the office.”

Ford’s daughter, Seryna, set up the GoFundMe account following her father’s viral video. She had originally set the fundraiser’s goal at $2,700 for his 27th anniversary at the location. But within a day of posting, she had to move the goal after the GoFundMe raised over $27,000.

Within two days of posting, she had to move the goal once again, this time to $100,000. As of Tuesday, the GoFundMe has raised $214,643 from a total of 6,500 donations.

GOOD GRAVY Y’ALL!!! He’s only been at work for a few hours and I’ve already moved the goal twice!!! You are all so freaking great! I haven’t stopped smiling all day! I’m going to give it a big jump!

Actor David Spade was among those who donated. The star gave $5,000 to the fundraiser while telling Ford to “keep up the good work.”

Kevin Ford Has An Emotional Moment On TV

The father-of-four even appeared on today with Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday after word spread about his hard work and good fortune, with an emotional moment being caught on camera after Ford reunited with his daughter, Seryna, and his three grandchildren, who he hadn’t seen in four years due to his tireless work schedule.

Ford’s appearance on the television program was the first time he had taken a day off since starting the job back in 1995.

“It’s like a dream, a dream come true, that nobody can think of this. It’s just overwhelming,” he told Guthrie.

“Especially all of the support I’m receiving every day. It’s awesome.”

Ford said he can now contribute to his grandchildren’s college fund, and take a well-deserved holiday, thanks to the outpouring of support and donations.

He did say he planned on splurging a little for himself with some of the donation money, telling TMZ that he will be buying a new car in the coming weeks.

Those interested in donating can do so through the GoFundMe link here.

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