“Braves s**t on the Giants,” “Braves have the Giants right where they want them”

The Atlanta Braves beat the San Francisco Giants 7-6 this afternoon, thus completing a 3-1 series victory this week. Today’s win pushes the Braves’ record to 41-30. It is their 16th win in the past 19 games.

The Giants aren’t rolling quite as nicely. They’ve gone .500 in their last 20 games, including this loss. Despite a statement series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers during that timeframe, they have slipped in the standings.

The San Francisco Giants are now third in the National League West, trailing the San Diego Padres by six wins for second place.

Many fans see today’s win as important for the Atlanta Braves. Not only are the Giants a tough opponent to win a series against, but the Braves have also been proving over the past two weeks that they’re the same team they were last year.

Well, almost. They’re still missing superstar Freddie Freeman, who’s now on the Dodgers. However, the Braves have turned their fortunes around after an abysmal start to the season. They are now in a position to challenge the New York Mets for first place in the National League East.

A month ago, that would’ve seemed impossible. The Atlanta Braves were slumping and over 10 games behind the Mets. Now, they’re just four games back from the division leaders. An interesting race is shaping up for the second half of the season.

Twitter users are loving it. This fan thinks the Atlanta Braves just made the San Francisco Giants look foolish.

Brave shit on the Giants. We’re gonna shit on the Braves. perfect harmony

This one thinks the Braves should be feeling pretty good about where they’ve put the Giants in the National League’s standings now.

braves have the giants right where they want them

MLB Twitter reacts to Atlanta Braves’ performance against the San Francisco Giants this week

  Giants starting pitcher Alex Wood allowed four runs and was chased in the second inning of today's start
Giants starting pitcher Alex Wood allowed four runs and was chased in the second inning of today’s start

This user pointed out an interesting statistic. The Atlanta Braves haven’t lost a series to the San Francisco Giants since 2016. That almost seems hard to believe, considering the Giants won 107 games last season.

@Fahreak989 Braves haven’t lost a series to the Giants since 2016 and we just took 3 out of 4. What are you even talking about?

This user blamed today’s umpiring for the loss.

This Giants supporter had some words of consolation for his fellow fans.

@extrabaggs Giants fans shouldn’t beat themselves up too much honesty The Braves did take 3 of 4 but every single one of these games was closely contested. Could’ve gone either way

This user accepts that the Braves are a very high-caliber team.

@mariamb18 @ericsslater @MetsSouthFla The Braves are just good. They’re handling the Giants. They’ll handle the Dodgers. Let’s accept the fact that this will be a close race. This “wait until they play X team” narrative is silly. They just won the WS.

But this fan reminds everyone of just how fun it was.

Hard to put into words how much fun that @Braves vs Giants series was. #ForTheA

The Atlanta Braves will now look forward to a weekend series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The San Francisco Giants will get a break as they host the Cincinnati Reds.

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