Barbarian Is 2022’s Surprise Success, and Justin Long Should Be a Surprise Oscar Contender

What was shooting in Bulgaria like?

I can’t wait to go back to Sofia. The city is lovely, the kids in the park, it’s idyllic. The crew was great, I miss Tashko and Natasha and everybody. I love American crews, don’t get me wrong, but I fell in love with the Bulgarian crew.

How did Airbnb allow the use of their name in this movie? It does not exactly put their company in the best light.

I don’t know! I actually know the founders, I should text them. They are very charity-minded and doing good work with refugees.

I guess any publicity is good publicity.

People are not going to stop using Airbnb, but they may be wary of checking the basement.

You will forever be associated with Apple computers. Not a bad brand to be linked to, for sure. Is it absolute pandemonium if you step into an Apple store?

At the. The opposite. Tumbleweeds, maybe? For one thing, people forget, it’s been a long time—this is a lesson for not worrying too much about a certain job, for better or worse. It won’t totally change your life. But even at the height of those commercials, I was met with some excitement, but also some contempt, at least from the people working there. Or frustration, maybe. Because, they had to watch those commercials nonstop. I don’t know if you remember, but they played them on a loop.

Oh, so they hated you!

Yeah, it was a little “it’s weird that you’re here” mixed with “I don’t want to see your face more than I have to.”

But one time I did a fun thing with a friend. We went to the store in the Meatpacking District in New York, and I just stood there like this, frozen, like “I’m a Mac,” and I went up to the window. Then my friend pretended like he was examining me, like “they’re so lifelike,” next to a tourist. And then I moved and we got a good “oh, shit!!!” out of him. Scared the hell out of him, then he laughed right after. This is what Zach figured out in our movie!

You’ve had a great run in your career of parachuting in for a film for maybe one or two quick comedic scenes. This must be a lot of fun.

Those are my favorites. I’m doing something like this now on goosebumps.

When I was younger and thinking about acting, the people I admired were character actors. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Rockwell, Dustin Hoffman, Veronica Cartwright, Steve Zahn. Those are the parts I relish, when you can come in, try something different. Like when I did Idiocracy, that was—you know how sometimes in life you meet a guy and think “that guy is a real character!” So for that role, I basically did that character. just some [doing the Dr. Lexus from Idiocracy voice] guy that I’d met, a lacrosse player, his dad was real rich and financed a movie, he got to be a producer on it🇧🇷


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