Australia reacts to Queen Elizabeth II’s death: PM announces public holiday for Queen’s memorial; governor general to proclaim King Charles III as head of state | Australia news

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Cait Kelly

Cait Kelly

Peter Dutton supports public holiday honoring Queen’s memorial

Opposition leader Peter Dutton is up now on Insiders. He says he supports having a public holiday on 22 September and that things have “been dealt with appropriately”.

A few rogue elements on the side. But mostly people have been respectful and I think that’s exactly as it should be. I think the way in which the government has responded has been very professional, and entirely appropriate.

Dutton has previously met King Charles and this is what he made of the now king:

You could claim he was a quirky character, but I thought he was very engaging and I think if you are in the training for decades as he has been, and with the Queen as such an influential presence in his life, as that was the reality .

Queen’s popularity key reason behind republican movement failing, Howard says

Cait Kelly

Cait Kelly

Howard says the popularity of the Queen was the key reason behind the republican movement failing, but that the monarchy offers stability.

I think there’s also a keener appreciation of the value of the institution and its strength. People look around the world at the moment and the alternative governance systems on offer, everyone in democracies, don’t look all that flash on occasions. I think the strength and durability and flexibility of the constitutional monarchy is something that more people appreciate than is imagined.

He says the republican debate is one that “never stops”.

That’s fair enough. It’s a democracy. People can argue for change. My observation is the strength of the monarchy in Australia was immeasurably increased by the personal popularity of the Queen.

Amy Remeikis

Amy Remeikis

Proclamation protocol for King Charles III

There is still quite a bit of protocol to get through today, so strap in.

The proclamation of sovereign will be read by the governor general today – which basically is the GG announcing there is a new sovereign. Charles is already king, but this is a formality letting people know.

But first members of the government executive council have to meet with him.

They are:

1. The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

2. The Hon Richard Marles MP + ADC

3. Senator the Hon Penny Wong

4. Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher

5. Senator the Hon Don Farrell

6. The Hon Tony Burke MP

7. The Hon Mark Butler MP

8. The Hon Bill Shorten MP

9. The Hon Mark Dreyfus KC

10. The Hon Michelle Rowland MP

11. The Hon Madeleine King MP

12. Senator the Hon Murray Watt

13. The Hon Pat Conroy MP

14. The Hon Anika Wells

15. The Hon Patrick Gorman MP

16. The Hon Jenny McAllister

17. The Hon Ged Kearney MP

Cait Kelly

Cait Kelly

John Howard on the Queen’s view of Australia’s 1999 republic referendum

Former PM John Howard is paying tribute to the Queen on Insiders. He says in the days leading up to the failed 1999 republic referendum the Queen had drafted several statements, to release depending on the outcome.

When we had the referendum on the republic, she followed that intently and the last few days before the vote, my office and her private secretary were exchanging drafts of three press statements. One of them in the event of the republic getting up, and one of them in the event of the republic going down and one if we had the improbable result of a mixed result and that is the majority of people voted for a republic but not a majority in a majority of states – because you need both to order our constitution.

He says she was “pleased with the result”.

She accepted the result. I can remember vividly, “I accept the result, I’ve always taken the view that this is a matter for the Australian people, but I won’t alter my affection and altogether though our relationship will be different, I will always love Australia and I will want Australia to succeed.”

I think they were the sort of statements you expect her to want to make. She was pleased with the result. It was a good weekend from my point of view.

Cait Kelly

Cait Kelly

PM says recognition of First Nations people in the constitution is still a priority

The PM said constitutional change is still a priority for the government in this term of parliament.

I believe the constitutional change that I have, very clearly identified as my priority in this term of parliament, the recognition of First Nations people in our constitution. Our constitution is our national birth certificate. This nation didn’t begin in 1788, it goes back some 65,000 years at least. It should be a source of great national pride that we live and share this continent with the oldest continuous civilization on earth.

Cait Kelly

Cait Kelly

Albanian pays tribute to the Queen’s ‘commitment to duty’

The PM has paid tribute to the Queen, saying he got “to see both sides” of her majesty when he met her at Buckingham Palace during the global finical crisis.

She made sure that she spoke to every person in the room … and give a bit of herself and that was typical of her commitment to duty and devotion but she was good-humoured. There was a good spirit in the room.

When asked if her death means Australia should move towards an Albanian republic he says now is not the time to talk about a change in Australia’s system of government.

Now is a time for us to pay tribute to the life of Queen Elizabeth, a life well lived, of dedication and loyalty, including to the Australian people and for us to honor and grieve at the loss, to also, today, we will be , of course, commemorating the proclamation of King Charles III as Australia’s head of state.

PM announces public holiday for the Queen’s memorial service

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced that Thursday 22 September will be a public holiday to mark the National Memorial Service Day for Queen Elizabeth II.

The PM was on Insiders this morning, and announced that it will be a one-off public holiday, to give people a chance to pay their respects.

It will be a one-off national public holiday. That’s to allow people to pay their respects for the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

I spoke to all premiers and chief ministers yesterday and I’m writing to them formally this morning, they will have received their letters by now.

They have all agreed that it’s appropriate that it be a one-off national public holiday.

Australian golfer Min Woo Lee pays tribute to the Queen at Buckingham Palace

AAP is reporting Australian golf star Min Woo Lee has taken the chance to pay his own tribute to the Queen along with thousands of other mourners at Buckingham Palace.

When organizers of the BMW PGA Championship, the European tour’s flagship event, called off play on Friday to show golf’s respect for the monarch following her death, Lee decided to demonstrate his own by going to pay homage at the palace.

When the tournament summarized at its Surrey venue of Wentworth on Saturday, the 24-year-old Lee, one of the rising stars in the Australian game, felt determined that he and his colleagues should try to bring some smiles back.

The West Australian then delivered one of his best-ever rounds, a 10-under par 62 that would have equaled the course record at the famous venue if preferred lies hadn’t been in play.

The tournament had been suspended on Thursday after news emerged of the Queen’s death.

“It was just a shock. I mean, it doesn’t happen, obviously often, and to the golfing community, as well, we had to stop and a bit of mourning there,” Lee explained after his round on Saturday.

It was a shock. I finished and I got the news and it’s not really what you want to hear. So on Friday, we went down to Buckingham Palace with a few of the boys and paid our respects to her.

We are back now and playing golf – and, hopefully, we can just keep smiles on our faces and play good golf.

On Saturday, Lee, whose win in Britain at the Scottish Open was the biggest win of his burgeoning career, said he was “proud” to play some fantastic golf, producing an 18-hole display that was 14 shots better than his first round.

All public transport will be free tomorrow so people can travel to Sydney to witness the historic proclamation of His Majesty The King.

The ceremony will be held outside NSW Parliament House tomorrow, commencing at 12.30pm.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

— Dom Perrottet (@Dom_Perrottet) September 10, 2022

Queen’s coffin to begin nine-day journey to Windsor Castle

While today is a big day, overnight there were many developments, including the confirmation of the Queen’s final departure from Balmoral.

Later tonight (7pm AEST), a hearse will carry her oak coffin to Edinburgh to begin a nine-day journey to her final resting place at Windsor Castle.

Buckingham Palace confirmed the last journey of the 96-year-old monarch, which will give mourners a chance to stand by the road and say their farewells as she passes by.

The Queen’s coffin will move through the Scottish towns of Aberdeen and Dundee where her coffin will be greeted by local dignitaries.

She will then be driven to Edinburgh where her coffin will be placed in the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the royals in Scotland.

The next day, she will move in a procession down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to St Giles Cathedral where she will lie in state for 24 hours.

There will be a service held there where members of the royal family, King Charles and Camilla, will pay their respects, before the Queen is flown out to London.

There, her body will be transported to Buckingham Palace, and the following day will feature a gun carriage down the Mall to Westminster Abbey where she will lie in state for four days before the official funeral and she is buried at Windsor Castle alongside her husband Philip , her father George VI, her mother and Princess Margaret.

good morning

good morning, Mostafa Rachwani with you today, to take you through the day’s coverage of D+02, or the third day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Today, the governor general, David Hurleywill officially proclaim King Charles III as Australia’s new head of state.

Hurley will make the pronouncement at a special meeting of the Federal Executive Council at Government House at 11am, the first time a proclamation has been read at the current Parliament house.

A public ceremony will also be held outside Parliament House in Sydney at 12.30pm, with public transport free today until midnight.

We will bring you all the details around the momentous occasion, as well as everything else happening today, so let’s dive in.

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