“And this is why fan voting for the all star game is a joke” “Popularity contest”

San Diego Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. has not played a single game this season, but apparently he might still make the All-Star game. The fan vote has seemingly gone awry, as MLB fans currently have him in fifth place in National League shortstop voting.

This is absurd and has fans questioning the entire process. Some consider the vote illegitimate. Bleacher Report reported the current All-Star standings via a Tweet.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is FIFTH in NL SS All-Star voting.He’s played in ZERO games this season. https://t.co/uHs3WnwTco

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a supremely talented player who would likely make the All-Star game if he was healthy. Being in fifth place without playing a single game is nonsensical.

Many fans were quick to point this out in response to the current standings.

@BRWalkoff And this is why fan voting for the all star game is a joke. Real all stars will never be acknowledged

This user was able to quickly identify the likely reason for the vote result.

This is an issue that the MLB has created for itself. Taking fan votes into account for this game puts more value on a prestigious personal brand and less on actual gameplay.

San Diego Padres slugger Fernando Tatis Jr.’s fan vote rank has people concerned

Tatis looks on from the dugout, Chicago Cubs v San Diego Padres.
Tatis looks on from the dugout, Chicago Cubs v San Diego Padres.

If a player like Fernando Tatis Jr., who has not played a single game this season, makes the All-Star Game, then anybody can. A coordinated fan vote could send players who are wholly undeserving to the stage. Normally this would be fine, but many players have contractual incentives to be named an All-Star.

This fan sees the situation as a prime example as to why the system must be changed.

@BRWalkoff Prime example for why the voting needs to change from a popularity contest so players that actually deserve to be there get voted in.

This fan puts the blame squarely on the league and it is difficult to argue with them.

@BRWalkoff The problem begins with MLB even putting him on the ballot

This fan hopes this serves as a wake-up call to other voters to get more active for deserving players.

@BRWalkoff Good, maybe it’ll get the fanbases whining about this to actually vote. They want their guys to be all-stars but then won’t take the time to vote 🤷🏻‍♀️

This user has a similar call to action in the wake of this news.

This has gotta stop.Start voting for people who deserve the vote, regardless of what team they play for. twitter.com/BRWalkoff/stat…

This user calls for total abolishment of fan voting, across all major sports.

This fan vote could prove to be disastrous for the MLB, especially if Fernando Tatis Jr. wins the fan vote. The San Diego Padres superstar has amassed a large following. It’s a real possibility he could win the vote.

This has been a common problem across sports. It happened previously to Kyrie Irving in the NBA and John Scott in the NHL. If this problem persists, it will be interesting to see how the league alters the rules to avoid any further controversy.

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