Alex Jones’s Texts With Some of Trump’s Closest Allies Just Got Turned Over to the Jan. 6 Committee

Last week, as conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was being questioned in court for spreading lies about the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, the trial took a turn: attorney Mark Bankston, who is representing the victims’ parents, revealed that Jones’s own legal team had accidentally sent Bankston a digital copy of his entire cell phone. The disclosure—which raised questions about perjury, since Jones had claimed under oath that he didn’t have Sandy Hook messages on his phone—got the attention of the January 6 committee, which has been trying to get its hands on Jones’s phone for months records and other documents as part of its investigation into the Capitol riot. On Monday, days after Jones was ordered to pay nearly $50 million to the victims in both compensatory and punitive damages, Bankston turned over the InfoWars founder’s text messages to the Jan. 6 committee, CNN reported.

The nearly two years’ worth of text messages may not end up being of much interest to the committee after all: Bankston previously said that the most recent message on the phone was from mid-2020, CNN noted, before Jones started helping organize the rally at the Ellipse that preceded the Capitol riot. However, the New York Times reported that while most of the recipients of the Jones’s texts are InfoWars staffers and contractors or family members, some show the conspiracy theorist was in contact with Donald Trump‘s allies, including Roger Stone. Both Jones and Stone were among the Trump allies who gathered in the hours before the Capitol riot at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, near the White House, to devise a scheme to keep Trump in power.

Apparently, the “intimate messages” between Jones and Stone that Bankston said he’d obtained aren’t limited to election-related matters. This past weekend, Jones cleared up some questions by admitting “there was a photo I felt my wife of her naked” in her phone’s contents. And on Monday, Bankston confirmed that an “intimate photo of his wife dele” was part of the trove, noting that Stone was the recipient. “I’m a little concerned about it because that intimate photo was sent to Roger Stone,” Bankston told The Young Turks. “And I don’t know if that was consensual.” (Which may explain Stone’s panicked reaction to the accidentally leaked texts.)

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Stone is not the only big name potentially implicated in Jones’s lawyer’s colossal mistake. Fox News star Tucker Carlson is “shitting himself” over the potential disclosure of messages between him and Jones, a source told the Daily Beast on Monday. The conspiracy-inclined duo reportedly “trade text messages on a daily basis,” and sources told the outlet it would be “highly embarrassing” for Carlson if their texts got out. Given what both Carlson and Jones have been willing to say publicly, one can only imagine what the longtime friends talk about while off-air.


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