Alex Jones: Sandy Hook trial judge jokes she’ll ‘call in sick’ when Infowars host testifies

The judge in Alex Jones’s Sandy Hook defamation trial has joked that she’s going to “call in sick” when the far-right conspiracy theorist takes the stand to testify.

The hilarious exchange unfolded in a court in Connecticut on Wednesday during a sidebar between Judge Barbara Bellis and Mr Jones’s attorney Norm Pattis.

Mr Pattis told the judge that his client is going to be in court on Thursday to testify before the jury, who will decide how much damage Mr Jones must pay to the families of victims of the 2012 massacre because of the lies he spread about them.

Before Mr Pattis could finish what he was saying, Judge Bellis interjected: “I’m calling in sick.”

When Mr Jones’s attorney began to laugh awkwardly, the judge added: “I’m not joking.”

Her comments came as Mr Jones has repeatedly disrespected the judge on both his show and outside the courthouse since the trial began.

On Wednesday, the right-wing extremist launched into a furious rant outside court where he branded Judge Bellis a “tyrant” and insisted he didn’t broadcast lies about the mass shooting “on purpose”.

“This is a travesty of justice and this judge is a tyrant,” he fumed.

“This judge is ordering me to say that I’m guilty and to say that I’m a liar. None of that’s true. I was not wrong about Sandy Hook on purpose.

He went on to make a bizarre connection with Jussie Smollett, who famously faked an incident where he said he was the victim of a racist attack.

“I questioned it just like Jussie Smollett, just like WMDs in Iraq, just like the Gulf of Tonkin,” he said,

“There have been a lot of staged events in history, like WMDs in Iraq, and I question every major event that we see, and so I’m being put in an impossible position inside of this courthouse where I’m being ordered to say I’m guilty.”

He went on to claim that “the judiciary has been weaponized” and that the trial is a “struggle session right outside of South Africa or Communist China”.

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